My 2004 visit to Moscow's space museum

My 2004 visit to Moscow's space museum Here's a bit of a piece I wrote a while ago looking at Yuri Gagarin and the Russian space program. In case you don't know me, I hope to be an astronaut when I grow up...

As Vostok 1 lifted off, Yuri Gagarin said to the world: “Poyekhali!" (Let’s go!”). The first man in space spent 108 minutes orbiting the earth. He landed separately from Vostok 1, parachuting down in the middle of a field, greeted by a woman and her daughter 370 miles off target. The cosmonaut reportedly said to the stunned farm women, “Don’t be afraid, I am a Soviet like you who has descended from space and I must find a telephone to call Moscow!” If only he had an iPhone.(More over at The Takeaway.)

Reasons to love KCRW

I'm excited to be producing at KCRW! I'm working on Warren Olney's "To the Point" and "Which Way, LA?" Here's a recent show I produced on foreclosures and why the Obama administration's programs haven't helped.

Videos from The Takeaway

I've been working as a morning web producer at The Takeaway, a great morning news show out of WNYC. Here are a few of the videos I've produced for them.

Portrait of Mexicantown, Detroit

David Alan Grier on 20th anniversary of "In Living Color"